Jeffrey Wayne Rosenberg – Discography


Kristen & Jeff

Kristen and Jeff is a high energy original acoustic based rock and roll duet from Tucson Arizona.

Formed in 2016: Currently Recording and Performing  Kristen & Jeff

Jeffrey Wayne Rosenberg

Jeffrey Wayne Rosenberg is a solo project that was created back in early 2011. 

I would like to thank George Nardo from Luna Records in Tucson for his guidance, skills and patience with me during the recording process.

I would also Like to thank Erik Truelove for adding his drumming skills, flavor and incredible timing on all of the tracks.


Creeper is a Hard rock band from the mid 90’s

Reed Marcotte: Lead Guitar – Mike Domberg: Lead Vocal – Javier Gonzalez: Drums
Jeffrey Rosenberg: Bass and Harmonica – Art Lake: Rhythm Guitar

Badd Apple

Jeffrey Rosenberg: Bass and Harmonica 1988-1993 

Badd Apple 1994 Release – Metropolis Studios, Villa Park IL.
Darren Taylor: Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals – Bobby Calcanas: Drums, Lead Vocal –  Jeffrey Rosenberg: Harmonica
Tommy Soukup: Piano – Blaine Bentson: Bass